Monday, 10 July 2017

Friendship day plans activities| Friendship day Celebration Ideas

Friendship day plans activities Friendship day Celebration Ideas for School College Office employees
Friendship day plans activities| Friendship day Celebration Ideas for School College Office employees: The friendship day 2017 is approaching, perfect reason to re-join with your old friends and remind how much you love him/her, how important he/she is for you and of course, that both can have fun together. Therefore, I propose you some Friendship day plans celebrations activities here. I present Friendship day ideas to you and choose the one you like best.

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas

Friend’s night
This type of Friendship Day plan is perfect for you. Arrange with your friends to enjoy a night full of joy, laughter and much flavor. Go to a place that everyone likes, like a bar or beach where they serve their favorite drinks. In these places endorphins are released through the laughter and emotions that occur in the encounter.
Play secret friend
When you are part of a large group of friends, giving a gift to all can be very expensive, that is why a good idea is to play the secret friend, so everyone receives a gift and also makes the evening even more entertaining.
Travel to celebrate with friends
This is an experience that will make you understand the true value of friendship. Choose those who are more compatible with you and plan some unforgettable days. It is important that you do not lack in your bags a board game, snacks to share and good music.
It tries to distribute functions so as not to have inconveniences and to enjoy the company of the same ones in a healthy and fun way, strengthening the patience and the communication, essential factors to have moments of life unforgettable.
The Day of Friendship is the ideal opportunity to strengthen effective bonds with the friends. Therefore, it is important that you start thinking about the Friendship day activities you can do with them so that this date is unforgettable.
It does not matter if it is a quiet or simple, as long as the occasion does not go unnoticed. Here we propose a series of very original Friendship day ideas to share with those you most want.
Celebration with friends: Organize a party at your house and invite your friends to celebrate.
If they are playing “Secret Friend ", this is the perfect opportunity to uncover the game and give each other mutual gifts.
Camping: If your group of friends or your partner are those who love outdoor plans, take advantage of this day to camp and take refuge in nature.
Enjoy a simple dinner around a campfire and sing songs that have a special meaning for everyone.
Unforgettable walk: make the trip you have planned for some time.
You do not have to spend a lot of money going to a remote place. Choose a nearby tourist destination where you can relax and share quality time with your loved ones.

Friendship Activities and Ideas of Celebration

Friendship Activities and Ideas of Celebration
One of the beautiful things in life is no doubt friends, people with whom you share sorrows, joys, successes and failures, are those who are with you in good and bad, so dedicate a day to them is more than necessary, and this Sunday August 6, 2017 is the occasion to do so.
Here are some Ideas of friendship day Celebrations plans activities, have a look and enjoy the day…. Once again wish you a very happy friendship day…..
·         Make it a point to call or SMS every one of your friends, old and new, on Friendship Day to let them know you care.
·         A simple idea would be to write a nice card for your friend telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Please be open in your expression and spill out your heart to them!
·         Ring up a radio station and dedicate a song to Friendship Day and your friends!
·         Give a warm hug to your friend and let them that have a special place in your heart!
·         Write your friend a web page to express your friendship online
·         To touch your friend's heart buy or make them a small present such as flowers, chocolates, friendship bands, a cake, or anything that your friend will appreciate! And how about leaving the gift anonymously for added intrigue!
·         Give your friend a Friendship Bracelet (made or bought) to symbolize your friendship.
·         A wonderful idea would be to make some new friends on the occasion by becoming a doer of RAOK - Random Acts of Kindness
·         Grab a camera or visit a photo studio and take some photos of you and your friends enjoying yourselves! This is beautiful way to preserve memory.
·         Buy your friend a ticket to the theatre so you can enjoy a great show together. If you can't afford this, downscale to the movies!
The Friendship is a day marked with hearts, flowers, and chocolates. Do not focus on what is missing, focus on what you have. Show thankfulness and give a new perspective to this friendship day. And, most importantly, take advantage of the day and love yourself a little bit more!
Tell us which friendship day idea you liked best! Have a happy Friendship Day with your friends and family.


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